Friday, June 3, 2011

Frustrated! Venting!

Had out pre-drywall meeting on Wednesday, and all went well. Thursday morning drywall was supposed to be started and last night after we finished Kodys therapy we were sooooo excited to go in and see it! NOTHING! I should never get my hopes up anymore...It is so hard to see everyones houses flying up on here, and mine sitting at a stand still so often. People who broke ground 6 weeks after me are passing me up! I know, I know, I will be happy in the doesn't meen I am not very frustrated with this process every step of the way! Closing is already pushed back a month which changed our plans drastically (with kodys summer school and transportation half in current house, and half in new school district 45 minutes away) no idea what to do! Ugghhhhhhh sorry had to vent!!


  1. I would be MORE than frustrated so VENT ON SISTAH! Get it out because that would drive me crazy to see that. It's like they are being paid (because they have your down payment) yet they are not doing what they were being paid to do----which is WORK! Hang in there!

  2. That would be very frustrating especially when you see other houses go up before yours. Maybe there is a way for you to call your PM or sales rep before you make the trip out to your new house? I know you are communting an extra 45 minute out of your way to see your house so omething t avoid that so the trip will not go into waste?

    Hang in there. You have us behind your back cheering you on and grieving with you. We share your frustration with you. We are with you in every step of the way. Hugs to you and your family.

  3. Have you contacted your PM to ask why it's not up. He may not know they didn't show. We had delay in our plumbing and I figured it was weather, but I contacted my PM anyway and let him tell my why there was a delay.

    You have EVERY right to be frustrated!! I think we're all frustrated for you and with you!! You have been so patient with everything. And it's not been a easy journey for ya'll. Now this too? Oh honey, vent away here!! You're in a safe place, with people who care and who can appreciate what you're going through.

    Contact your PM and ask him why it hasn't been started yet and see what he says. Let us know too! lol

    GL honey. *hugs* I'm sorry about all this!

  4. {hugs} Vent on hun! Its frustrating because they make us jump through hoops with deadlines, and signatures, and copies of your life history...but yet they have free game to do whatever they like with no penalties. Very frustrationg and not fair at all! When you sign the contract there should be a clause that states unles act of God ...your Prewall date is on or before XYZ...your final walk is on or before XYZ and your closing date is on or before XYZ. Otherwise RH will refund XYZ amount of monies withheld for inconviences. Bloody Buggers!!!

  5. Vent away...that's what this eFamily is all about...we are a place for you to go on and on about the excitement of building a house when family, friends, and co-workers don't seem to share your excitement or want to hear about your house AND we are here when you need to vent.

    I would be most pissed at your PM though. I can't remember anyone else not having the dry wall go flying up the day after the pre-drywall walk thru. If there were inspection problems or delayed for a good reason I would understand, but expect a phone call from my PM telling me about the delay.