Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prayers needed for Kody@!!

Please pray for Kody! We are sitting at Medexpress waiting for x-rays. He was trying to scoot out if bed and fell. We think he may have fractured the same knee that the children's institute already fractured in December. It was already weak. I am sick right now! At the new house he will have bed rails, insurance is paying for a bed and it will be delivered on move in day. Please pray he us okay! He cannot handle any more setbacks!


RH is installing all 6 of our ceiling fans! We are just paying them to do it because hubby said it will take him forever to do it! This was great news! They are doing are driveway this week! We paid extra to have it extended from a one car to a 2 1/2 wide all the way up and then at the top instead of a 2 car wide it will be 3. Since it is a side entry! So nervous to see what it looks like be we need all that room so we are not constantly moving cars around! They are grading our property next week! We are getting sooooo close and I am sooooo excited! Since I have not been doing a countdown I will sum up a few reasons in here that I am really looking forward too!! Having a garage we can actually park in and open doors....the last one was so small we couldn't even use! Having a driveway that isn't steep! I hating trying to load Kody in the car while sliding down the driveway in the snow! SCARY! Having the garage on the same level as the kitchen! I hated carrying groceries up the steps especially with kodys stairlift in the way! So many bathrooms! I shared a bath with the kids and Kodys bath chair took up most of the bathtub, so I barely had any room to even move! It sure will be nice to have a seat and room in my huge shower! CLOSETS ....we barely had any! That says it all! I have so many more but I will cut it short now and put my top 3 # 3 having a brand new house and knowing it is all yours and every memory in the house is all yours! And how hard we worked to get there!!! #2 Having a neighborhood where we can just let our kids go out and play, while we sit on the porch, and where we can just walk our dog in peace! I am so excited for this! #1 To carry kody around a very minimal amount! To just hop in the car without carrying him down steps! Life is going to be a dream! I have dreamed of this day for Kody and our family for almost 10 years and it is now happening in 2 weeks!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

2 1/2 more weeks!

Went to Home Depot today and bought so much stuff! Bought 21 faux wood blinds, new garbage disposal and stainless sink and faucet ( hubby hates all the stuff ryan gives you), some handheld shower heads, and 10 dimmer switches for ceiling fans and a few lights. Then finished off with going to furniture store to add a few more items and confirm delivery! I feel exhausted with all of this shopping and making sure I have everything! I have stuff coming in the mail that I order online daily! I was at the storage unit yesterday rearranging everything and repacking since we just threw tons of stuff in there when we were selling our house! It wasn't fun! Now I m packing again since we have lived with my mom for 4 months...I am exhausted an just want to be in my NEW house!! I have been sneaking in the window every night! So FUN!!! We have never been locked out like everyone else! Now the garage door is installed with opener and keypad and we got the code :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

House really coming along! I know...I have been missing lately! I have been hiring movers, shopping for last minute furniture, therapy, just busy! Things have been smooth with the house and Ryan homes is really trying to accommodate the month late closing! We lost our painters with the 3 different closing dates so we just paid them what we were paying our painters due to the delay. So we were very happy with them trying to show they are sorry they put us out! So happy with my selections since I changed them 15 times!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

#29 So many closets!

I cannot wait for all of the closet space! Our old house, we had 1200 square feet and when selling 2 people didn't buy it because the lack of closet space! My daughter didn't even have a closet! In our downstairs we only had 1! There was just no where for coats, shoes, or clothes! That's why my daughter needs to, she busted out ALL of her drawers from over stuffing them! Hehe! Needless to say, I can't wait for MORE closets!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Siding also done!

Countdown begins! #30 Living in a community!

I have lived in the city my whole life and have dreamed of raising my kids in a community! I can't even imagine what it's going to be like for the kids to play outside without worrying about tons of cars or lots of random people! Kody can drive his power chair outside and Kassi can ride her bike! We were never able to do these things! Taking walks and walking the dog! I just can't wait!! In a new community I am hoping it will be easy for us to make new friends as well. I know with all these weekly visits, I met most of the neighbors and they all seem nice!

Sorry I disappeared!

Hi guys! I have been reading every day!!! Just been so tired and lazy from shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Ughhhhh! YES Ryan has stepped it up. Talked with manager and we discussed everything! PM is to call me twice a week with updates! Closing is July 15th at 9:00! My 30 day countdown begins TODAY! I am working on getting my fees back for buying my interest rate own and locking in for 120 days nice the house is being delivered month late! My cabinets should be going in at end of the week! Kodys therapy is going great :) I just can't wait until it is right down the street instead of driving a total of an hour an a half for 30 minutes of therapy! Just one more month!!! Bought my washer, dryer, morning room table, ceiling fans, comforters! I cannot wait until I am DONE making all these brain is actually hurting!! I have cancelled about 10 orders by now, and I am driving my husband CRAZY! I am living in my own little bubble!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Frustrated again!

Don't think I have EVER been so aggravated with a process in my life! Went to the house and found wires in Kodys room covered with drywall ...thank god we went! Then today I told them I needed an accurate closing date because of Kodys summer school starting July 5 and moving to another county and the bussing and aides will have to switch over. Also we have to figure out who will pay now! Anyways my PM never called me back and when I called him at 6 pm (waited all day) he said he never had a chance to figure it out...and he will call me tomorrow. Will my house ever have a closing ??? Ughhh

Friday, June 3, 2011

Frustrated! Venting!

Had out pre-drywall meeting on Wednesday, and all went well. Thursday morning drywall was supposed to be started and last night after we finished Kodys therapy we were sooooo excited to go in and see it! NOTHING! I should never get my hopes up anymore...It is so hard to see everyones houses flying up on here, and mine sitting at a stand still so often. People who broke ground 6 weeks after me are passing me up! I know, I know, I will be happy in the doesn't meen I am not very frustrated with this process every step of the way! Closing is already pushed back a month which changed our plans drastically (with kodys summer school and transportation half in current house, and half in new school district 45 minutes away) no idea what to do! Ugghhhhhhh sorry had to vent!!