Monday, June 6, 2011

Frustrated again!

Don't think I have EVER been so aggravated with a process in my life! Went to the house and found wires in Kodys room covered with drywall ...thank god we went! Then today I told them I needed an accurate closing date because of Kodys summer school starting July 5 and moving to another county and the bussing and aides will have to switch over. Also we have to figure out who will pay now! Anyways my PM never called me back and when I called him at 6 pm (waited all day) he said he never had a chance to figure it out...and he will call me tomorrow. Will my house ever have a closing ??? Ughhh


  1. OMG poor thing! Its just one thing after another. I hope all pulls through for you hun. Your in all our prayers and thoughts!

  2. I gotta say, I don't like your PM at all. He treated ya'll poorly at first about the plumbing, he's dragged his feet this entire process, and now this. And wasn't he the one who took it upon himself to make structural changes and put your closet in the hall?

    I am so so so sorry. Is there anyway your Rep can get you a new PM at this point? Sorry. I'm just frustrated for you and with you.

    *BIG GREAT HUGS* I know that in the end you should have a beautiful home, but at this point I think all of us share your frustration. I think I would have blown a gasket a long time ago!

  3. :( I'm glad you found the mistake and sorry you are having such a frustrating time.

  4. Thanks guys for your support! I am giving him until today at 9:00 am to give me a closing date! If I don't have one....let's just say ALL of my frustrations from this whole process are being let loose to someone as high up as I can go!! I am not a patient person, and I have been. But a month past due, and you still won't give me a date....come on...this is ridiculous! Sorry guys, I am pis#Ed off! Kodys schools really need these dates and I feel horrible that I am so disorganized when I cannot get things in order for kody :(

  5. Sorry you're having such a difficult process. We also had a bumpy road and in fact, we are still dealing with a few bumps. My advice would be to hang in there and never shut up :-). Keep letting them know you're disappointed. If you can make it through, you will be very happy with your new home. We love our home; hated the process. I don't think we will build with Ryan again, but I will say that the house is great. Hang in there and good luck!

  6. I am sorry that your PM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I would demand a new PM and get his supervisor. You have been very patient with this whole thing and it definitely has been a frustrating one. Keep letting them know that you are DISAPPOINTED and this process has been a let down. In the end you will have a beautiful home and I know you will love it. Its just the getting there part that is a huge pain.

    I wish I can change this experience for you and allow you to have smooth sailing. Hugs to you and do keep us in the loop with your PM's answer. Hug, hug, hug.

  7. After I started blogging, I searched for other blogs and you were the first blog I read and the first person I shared my excitement with. We were so excited. I am sorry that Ryan Homes has taken the joy out of this process for you! I hope things turn around real soon!

    Stay encouraged!
    Hugs and Kisses Ma!

  8. I agree with Stephanie. Threaten to fill out the "report card" we were all told about poorly because your whole experience has been poor. Believe me...I'm a manager Disney and you should SEE the ridiculous complaints we get and we just bend over backwards "Im sorry you had to wait and extra 15 minutes, we will take your meal off the bill" UGGGH This is the BIGGEST most life changing purchase you have probably ever made. You have all the right to have it go as pleasant as possible. I would be INFURIATED especialy considering what your asking, so you can get proper care for your child, are SMALL things to ask (closing date!)
    You have enough stress in your life to juggle. Probably more than most people these days can handle. I commend you on how patient you have been.
    Tell RH if they dont get their $#!^ together that your walking away and sueing for any monies lost along with telling everyone you know how poorly they have treated you!! You havent closed....They are still at YOUR mercy! Not the other way around! Just reading your problems make even me upset. Im lucky to have had a great experience so far but holy crap! In this time of nobody wanting to spend money and contracters going under due to lack of work, you think that they would be wanting to please any person who decides to build with them. Don't sit back and take it! You have too much on the line to not have it be PERFECT!

    Yes I agree you, in the end, will have a beautiful house. But if things keep up the way they will be so tainted with poor memories that you may not see it. OR you could absoulty love it because of all the frustrations you went through to get it. But I know Im not a "let it go" kinda type if its something that means alot to me.

    Best luck hun. PLEASE keep us posted. Talk to your sales to corporate...get agencies what you need to do for YOU! Not them!