Monday, May 30, 2011

Furniture and updates!

Well our closing is scheduled for July 15 and out pre-drywall meet is Wednesday at 3:00. Our inspector is going out there today! Hopefully all goes smooth this time =) I am so happy things are FINALLY moving along! I am trying to get my butt in gear and pick some new furniture and paint colors...should be fun, but I HATE making decisions...ughhhh! So exciting though. Here are some of my decisions so far. Kassi's Bedroom set!
Our bedroom set!
Our coffee table set with end tables to match!
Our couch with all recliners that rock!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brick and Kodys ramp from garage into the house!!! So exciting!!!

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Not to much going on

Well we got an update that we are now closing in mid July :( Oh well, at least we know! It seems like the house is our life! We go out there all the time! The good part is...we met tons of neighbors with this nice weather! We really like them all!! I can't wait to move in :) Kody just started therapy out there (mile from new house, 45 minutes from current house) another reason to drive by! Lol! We have been on the waiting list there for 4 that was great news! I don't know if it's the stress of house, kodys surgeries or what not but I have been having fainting episodes and had a tilt table test yesterday and passed out in 3 minutes during test. They made me stay all day! With carrying kody I am hoping they figure it out real quick...that is a dangerous mix :( Pictures later!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on house!

Thank you all who viewed the video I created on my son Kody and for all the kind words ((hugs)) I have become very close to many of you and wanted to let you in on that huge part of my life :) And the main reason we are building our dream house! Anyways, very happy to report that Ryan Homes called inspection office and the county will NOT give them occupancy permit until they rip out ALL plumbing!! Including all underground plumbing. So they now have no choice! All cement has been poured including garage, so lots of plumbing and cement to be torn out. At least it will be done right! Very delayed but worth it and glad we caught it! So not sure if it's all Ryan who is going out of the way here because they had to but still happy and we patched things up with the PM :) really live our sales rep too! He's great!!!!

My son Kodys video

I just FINALLY updated it since I am a guest speaker today for a college class. For those of you interested in learning more you are welcome to view it. Nothing new on the house as of now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

very upset and frustrated!

So we stopped by the house....2 things were wrong! 5 foot tub instead of 6 foot and the major problem is the master closet with all hook UPS was in the hall way! What the heck! All plumbing was already hooked up and other tough in for washer and dryer. I am imagining this and then the tub ..that requires reforming the closet to be smaller to allow for bigger tub...this is going to call for MORE delays....ughhhhhhh

We have shingles and windows!

Yayyy...the outside is complete! We are trying so hard to wait a few day to go back since the last time we went the house was framed on outside, yet there were no steps on the inside yet and there was really nothing framed yet on the inside

. weird how every area does there houses completely different??? I was so excited to walk around and look out windows! So now I am waiting!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Framing day 5! Got caught in a down pour today! Kodys chair got stuck in rocks while Not to fun! Great to see house coming along!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Framing almost complete!

Thanks to the neighbor I met, she has been sending me pictures of the framing! Here are pics of Framing Day 3 and 4! We are getting severe thunderstorms so don't think they will be working tomorrow like they were supposed to be =( Oh well so happy to see progress!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a beautiful day! It was so fun taking the kids to look, they had a blast! Not fun getting Kodys chair up all those rocks...he said it was like a monster truck! Kassi said " this is the coolest thing ever, watching a house be built " I just love these memories! Then we went and got ice cream!

Framing Day 1 Yesterday may 10

Monday, May 9, 2011

2-3 weeks behind :(

Talked to PM on Friday and got the runaround just as I figured I would! Promised they would start first thing Monday morning (already told hubby thursday or friday when they talked last week) and gave tons of excuses as to why had not started framing yea..! Super annoyed but figured I would move on and be happy! Today got a call from my sales rep who I LOVE and was told they will probably be starting later today or tomorrow and told me I can start calling him for information! Thank goodness! Bad news since PM kept saying we were still on schedule when I knew we couldn't possibly be, he told me we were a few weeks behind and are now looking at a first or second week of July hoooo!!! Not happy :( I am very happy for our relationship with our sales rep!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not happy with Ryan!!

I have no patience to begin with BUT when I started this process, my dream, this is not how I imagined it! Broke ground on supposed to break ground March 28th, not sure why but got delayed until April 2! Footer finally poured when we went 8! Found out when we drove out that week they found coal and everything got dug back up and started April 15th new footer was poured! April 27th we had block....May 2 they did waterproofing and backfill! Went May 7th and seen not one but 2 other houses being of which was not even started a few weeks ago??? Our lumbar has been sitting for 3 weeks now!! This whole week since monday NOT one thing got done on our 5 weeks we have block? If you were me would you complain?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing being done again!

Can we say frustrated!?? I am watching all of your houses go up so fast and I was expecting the same. Well....I guess never expect or assume anything! We went to look at the house last night And NOTHING! We thought framing would be finished! It looked the same as Sunday. Called our PM and someones lumber was ahead of ours and we will have nothing done until Monday! Somehow they are still giving us a June 24th closing date! Yea right! We still have just a boring foundation and our groundbreaking was march 28th! I am just so anxious to see things get moving. I am so ready, and I am so tired of driving 30 minutes week after week to see nothing :( Sorry needed to vent! On another note waiting for final loan approval this week...and boy do they harass you on where every deposit or amount of money came or went from! Goodness!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Got to meet my first neighbor today!

What a coincidence! I went to drop off Kassi's vaccince records at her new school and while I was there, a neighbor who recognized Kody from reading my blogs approached us! I was so excited!!! Of course Kody was being super impaitient and decided to scream and throw a fit the whole time and embarassed me. He is the best kid ever until he becomes impatient. I am always so nervous meeting new people because like Noey, I have the foot in the mouth disease. LOL... I don't think before I speak and I am so afraid that I make bad impressions. Oh well I am so happy I met someone who will be a neighbor and that seemed so nice =) I hope they are all that nice!

Hmmm not sure but this is what they did today!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Block finished!

Pictures from Wednesday April 27th, finally some block! Also our lumber is just waiting to be put! Framing should start tomorrow! Can't wait!