Monday, May 9, 2011

2-3 weeks behind :(

Talked to PM on Friday and got the runaround just as I figured I would! Promised they would start first thing Monday morning (already told hubby thursday or friday when they talked last week) and gave tons of excuses as to why had not started framing yea..! Super annoyed but figured I would move on and be happy! Today got a call from my sales rep who I LOVE and was told they will probably be starting later today or tomorrow and told me I can start calling him for information! Thank goodness! Bad news since PM kept saying we were still on schedule when I knew we couldn't possibly be, he told me we were a few weeks behind and are now looking at a first or second week of July hoooo!!! Not happy :( I am very happy for our relationship with our sales rep!


  1. Sounds like your PM is going to get a bad survey. And it also sounds like he deserves it.

    I'm sorry he's being douchey.

    I am glad your Ryan Rep has stepped up to the plate and is there for you! That is awesome! Kudos to him!! At least you can still feel like someone over there is still in your corner, you know?

    Maybe your PM will be right in long run, and he can pull it all out and still get you closed on never know.

    No matter what, I'm glad the problem is resolved and you are FINALLY moving forward!! Hurray for that!!!!

  2. I know that is disappointing and not something you want to hear regarding your house that you will be closing a bit later. The bright side is you will still get the house of you dreams the way you want it to be. You will also get to decorate your house the way you like. It will be your house!

    As for your PM he will get points taken off of his evaluation. I would also suggest for you to speak with your PM and ask for weekly updates or something so that way can keep in contact for communication. At least they will start framing this week and believe me the framing part will go up fast. Hugs to you and your family.

  3. the amish have arrived and are crawling around on your lumber! I'll update later on any progress!

  4. Yayyyy! Thanks heidi :) here is my email address