Monday, May 2, 2011

Got to meet my first neighbor today!

What a coincidence! I went to drop off Kassi's vaccince records at her new school and while I was there, a neighbor who recognized Kody from reading my blogs approached us! I was so excited!!! Of course Kody was being super impaitient and decided to scream and throw a fit the whole time and embarassed me. He is the best kid ever until he becomes impatient. I am always so nervous meeting new people because like Noey, I have the foot in the mouth disease. LOL... I don't think before I speak and I am so afraid that I make bad impressions. Oh well I am so happy I met someone who will be a neighbor and that seemed so nice =) I hope they are all that nice!


  1. Good for you!

    I'm sure they'll be fine. Especially since the neighbor came over and introduced themselves to you. They could have just kept walking by and not said

    I have a heads up on who my crazy neighbors are from my coworker/neighbor but I always like to make my own impressions of people so I don't let others affect my judgement. Everyone starts with a clean slate until they show me otherwise.

  2. How funny that someone happens to read your blog and ends up being your neighbor. Hopefully there will be other kids in the neighborhood who happens to be the same age as yours.

    I worry if my little girl will be able to find other kids her age but will see.

  3. YAY!! I'm not alone!!! I'm not alone!! lol

    I think it's great that they recognized him and approached you!! =) Sound like friendly people to me!

    @ Stephanie: Man, I keep wanting to call you Steph. lol Sorry about that. Anyway.... I feel your pain. Everyone that has kids in our neighbor we are building in (there are only 8 houses total right now I believe already standing) have BOYS! I have 3 girls.

    They'll play with anyone as long as the kids are nice (the boys around here like to hit and punch girls and calls them names. =/ ) But they'd love to have some girl friends.

    I know one little girl is moving in down the street that is between their ages I believe. The little girl play with now is between their ages and it works out great. And I think another one is moving in around my 6 year old's age (9). But that's all I know of. I worry about friends for them too. But I know as they start school next year they will make friends and as the neighborhood progresses, they will make friends. I think it's normal for us to worry about our kids and them having friends. Give it time hon. You'll see.

  4. I haven't met any of our neigbhors yet and I'm so nervous! I hope they are friendly and not crazy!

  5. I love meeting neighbors! I'm sure they were just as happy to meet you!! It's always exciting when you meet someone new that go to the same school as your children too!