Tuesday, May 17, 2011

very upset and frustrated!

So we stopped by the house....2 things were wrong! 5 foot tub instead of 6 foot and the major problem is the master closet with all hook UPS was in the hall way! What the heck! All plumbing was already hooked up and other tough in for washer and dryer. I am imagining this and then the tub ..that requires reforming the closet to be smaller to allow for bigger tub...this is going to call for MORE delays....ughhhhhhh


  1. See, it's stuff like this I don't understand. Can the contractor not read the plans right?

    I'm sorry. I feel like the queen of delays. LOL I understand frustration with delays!! *great big hugs*

    I'm assuming you've contacted your PM already. Don't be afraid to ask him how far back this will delay things and if it will effect closing.

    I really am sorry. *hugs again*

  2. Sheesh! This sucks! I really hope your PM can get things back on track! This makes me really feel like I need to do weekly visits once construction begins!

    I have my fingers and toes crossed that this wont cause any additional delays!

  3. Please do keep us updated and informed on what your PM said as I am dying to know. Let's hope it will not cause any delays and that it can be a quick fix. Hugs to you and your family.

  4. Deep breathe...slowly exhale...somehow your PM will get it all straighten out and back on schedule.

    But seriously...geez...seeing a bunch of these goofs is really starting to worry me. We have so many changes and custom items that I feel like I will need to camp out while them are building.