Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing being done again!

Can we say frustrated!?? I am watching all of your houses go up so fast and I was expecting the same. Well....I guess never expect or assume anything! We went to look at the house last night And NOTHING! We thought framing would be finished! It looked the same as Sunday. Called our PM and someones lumber was ahead of ours and we will have nothing done until Monday! Somehow they are still giving us a June 24th closing date! Yea right! We still have just a boring foundation and our groundbreaking was march 28th! I am just so anxious to see things get moving. I am so ready, and I am so tired of driving 30 minutes week after week to see nothing :( Sorry needed to vent! On another note waiting for final loan approval this week...and boy do they harass you on where every deposit or amount of money came or went from! Goodness!


  1. That is frustrating but I promise you once they start framing it will go up pretty fast! It sounds like your PM is not worried and still shooting for the 24th. You house will go up. The next time you drive over why don't you call your PM or have him call you right when plan start framing that way your trip is not wasted? Girl your house willlllll happen and it will go flying! Promise hugs to you.

  2. I understand your frustration! During my drive-by yesterday there were NO HARD WORKERS ON DUTY! SO what it was raining in the morning..they had the whole rest of the day to do something! SO I can imagine what waiting a week would be like. But let me tell you, after they did our waterproofing, it took a little under a week to start framing because they had to back fill it, then lay the concrete, THEN they started framing.

    What I am soooooo jealous about is that our house will be completely framed this week but we have a settlement date that is TWO WEEKS after yours! Aw man! So things really will be going fast for you and I guess they will be slowing down a bit for me..Rather have it slow in the front end than slow down towards the end!

  3. That does sound frustrating!! I can't believe you broke ground the end of March and now here we are in May and all you have is the foundation. *gasp* *shakes finger at Ryan and your PM* Tsk Tsk!

    We are all so anxious to get into our new homes, and when we encounter delays, it is VERY frustrating. *hugs*

    As long as your PM isn't worried about the close date, you shouldn't be either.

    A lot of bloggers closed earlier than the projected date, and what few delays other had put them right around the projected date. So I'd say you are doing well. Remember, they allow so much time b/c they know delays happen. Take a deep breath hon. It'll be okay.

    I agree with the PP (previous Posts/posters). Once the roof is on, things will fly by! You'll see! You WILL get into your house!! Before you know it, you'll be at closing, remembering this post about the delay, and chuckle to yourself. =)

  4. Thanks girls! They did say we might be into July but it is what it is! I just can't wait! Lol! Noey..... news on your loan yet? @ Lalady...I bet your house is done first! Lol! Maybe we will be done at the same time :)

  5. I totally undersand how you feel about the mortgage company!! I'm so tired of explaining where every peice of money comes from! But it will be so worth it in the end!! We were supposed to close in we are with a May 31 date! At first I was dispointed, but there's always an upside to everything!