Monday, May 30, 2011

Furniture and updates!

Well our closing is scheduled for July 15 and out pre-drywall meet is Wednesday at 3:00. Our inspector is going out there today! Hopefully all goes smooth this time =) I am so happy things are FINALLY moving along! I am trying to get my butt in gear and pick some new furniture and paint colors...should be fun, but I HATE making decisions...ughhhh! So exciting though. Here are some of my decisions so far. Kassi's Bedroom set!
Our bedroom set!
Our coffee table set with end tables to match!
Our couch with all recliners that rock!


  1. Nice picks! I bet Kassi is going to be so excited!! My couch and love seats recline too! =)

  2. Your house looks amazing and YEAH for Memorial Day Weekend Furniture sales.

  3. WOw nice selections! your bedroom set looks so exotic! Luvs it! :)