Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Possible elevator and groundbreaking!!!

While meeting our project manager, he mentioned doing an elevator for someone before. Should have never told me that! Was u up all night thinking how great that would be for Kody to have access to all 3 floors! We can eliminate the full bathroom and turn it back into laundry and the study could be a study instead of tiny bedroom. I have my hopes up so high! PM will call us within 2 days and let us know. It would be a dream! I swear I keep thinking of newer and better ideas everyday, that our blowing our budget by thousands! We may never leave our house again. Lol!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad news in our personal life :(

We took kody to his orthopedic surgeon for follow up appointment after his second hip osteotomy done in october (along with 12 other procedures) to reduce the risk of EVER needing another hip surgery! We were caught off guard with the most heart wrenching, devastating news....kody's plates and screws did not hold the hip in correct position. Not only do they not look good, this is the reason he is still in pain! I am heart sick right now. I honestly don't know if my mommy heart can handle putting him through another operation. I have appointments at Cleveland clinic and Johns Hopkins for 2nd and 3rd opinions! Lots of driving! I really just thought it was time for a break from surgeries after this last one that was a 3 month hospital stay :( Prayers welcome! On another good note.....we have pre-constuction meeting Monday and FINALLY break ground on Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moved out of old house! Fresh start

Wow do we have a lot of stuff!! I am almost dreading moving into the new house! Our storage looms like a tornado hit...lol...we are all moved into my parents! Finally!! Took awhile to get kids settled and buses figured out here. My dog ( italian greyhound) any my moms, are driving us crazy! I have to carry kody (my nine year old) everywhere, and the dogs keep practically tripping me while play fighting...so annoying! The basement (are temporary apartment) is freezing! Just waiting ...closing on our old house is March 28th...we lived there exactly 10 years to the day! Then breaking ground is march 30th! Kody is going to the doctors on Thursday to have his hips checked after his 3rd hip surgery (rebuilt with pelvic, femur, and hip) they are concerned with plates and screws not holding. Please, please keep him in your prayers!! We cannot have this not work....this child cannot deal with any more pain! Btw we think his broken femur is healed! On another note my husbands work just decided our insurance rates our going to go up $1000, not sure what we are going to do! Not good timing since we just bought a house that the mortgage is $1300 more than we pay now! I just realized yesterday my kids will be 10 this year and this is my 10 year anniversary :) how exciting!!!!! all on a new house, with a new fresh start!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Keep making changes!

Being indecisive is horrible! I have changed so many things my sales rep is going to kill me! I told him from day one that I have trouble making decisions and now he sees what I mean. I have switched from cherry cabinets, to maple cognac, back to cherry. From gunstock hardwood to saddle, I have changed the master bath to ceramic, and my kitchen from black appliances to stainless, and now I want to change my brick color and shutters! Ughhhhh what is wrong with me? This is so frustrating to not just stick with a decision and be happy with it! Oh well after tonight and signing my fifth addendum.....no more changes! I promised my husband! So After tonight all electrical and outlets will be picked so no more thinking about the house. Lol ..thats the problem, too much time. We signed papers and picked everything in December! Too much time for changes! Breaking ground march 30th and the closing on my current house is march 28th, I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We locked our rate at 4.75 for 120 days!

Makes me feel so relieved! Don't feel like watching interest rates every day! We have our guardian and electrical meeting Tuesday. On Monday I am touring my daughters new school! I am soooo indecisive it is driving me nuts,...I am changing my kitchen cabinets to cherry Bordeaux I think since I can't quit thinking about it, which means I have to change my hardwood floors to saddle to match...I think! So after reading all these blogs I am curious as to What deals or incentives you all got? I didn't even know you could put an offer in on a ryan home until I just saw someone was doing it? I knew you could try and bargain but not put offers and receive counter offers! Now I feel like I may not have got a good deal! Still so excited!!! We are now up to over 100,000 in upgrades.....OMGoodness....once in a lifetime! Keep telling myself that!