Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moved out of old house! Fresh start

Wow do we have a lot of stuff!! I am almost dreading moving into the new house! Our storage looms like a tornado hit...lol...we are all moved into my parents! Finally!! Took awhile to get kids settled and buses figured out here. My dog ( italian greyhound) any my moms, are driving us crazy! I have to carry kody (my nine year old) everywhere, and the dogs keep practically tripping me while play fighting...so annoying! The basement (are temporary apartment) is freezing! Just waiting ...closing on our old house is March 28th...we lived there exactly 10 years to the day! Then breaking ground is march 30th! Kody is going to the doctors on Thursday to have his hips checked after his 3rd hip surgery (rebuilt with pelvic, femur, and hip) they are concerned with plates and screws not holding. Please, please keep him in your prayers!! We cannot have this not work....this child cannot deal with any more pain! Btw we think his broken femur is healed! On another note my husbands work just decided our insurance rates our going to go up $1000, not sure what we are going to do! Not good timing since we just bought a house that the mortgage is $1300 more than we pay now! I just realized yesterday my kids will be 10 this year and this is my 10 year anniversary :) how exciting!!!!! all on a new house, with a new fresh start!


  1. woooohooooo!!!! Have fun at your parents!!! and I will def keep Kody in my prayers!! Your a strong mommy!!!

  2. It's always something isn't it. Hopefully the new house will bring with it a fresh start and lots of blessings.