Thursday, June 16, 2011

#29 So many closets!

I cannot wait for all of the closet space! Our old house, we had 1200 square feet and when selling 2 people didn't buy it because the lack of closet space! My daughter didn't even have a closet! In our downstairs we only had 1! There was just no where for coats, shoes, or clothes! That's why my daughter needs to, she busted out ALL of her drawers from over stuffing them! Hehe! Needless to say, I can't wait for MORE closets!!!


  1. CLOSET SPACE!!!!!

    I cannot wait for enough closet space to actually put all our clothes in!! =) My kids have clothes hanging off their bunk bed because there just isn't enough space in this house for storage. =/ And yes.... their dressers are full!

    I so feel you on this one!

  2. Yes! I am overjoyed about getting new closet space when we move! My husband uses the closets and dresser in our bedroom and all of my clothes and shoes are in the guest room. I have to get dressed in our guest room! I can't wait to get dressed in my own bedroom! Our house is only 1300 sq I'm ecstatic to get more space!!!! Enjoy your closets!!