Monday, July 4, 2011

They are moving along! Pictures of front door painted. Media room, carpet installed and the kids love it and more basement pictures. And my throw rug. Lol! 11 more days! Happy 4th !


  1. I love it all!! My mom's house is brick with red door and black shutters! I love it!!

    I love all the pictures!! It's looking soooo good! And look how happy the kids are!! =D

    I can't believe closing is almost here. I just realized we are closing we are only a week after you! =) Must be a good month to close in! Several of us are! lol

    Everything looks great! I can't imagine how busy you must be right now!! I'm super busy and don't have to run half way across town several times a week like you do!

    I am SOOOO excited for you!! For you, and your family!!

  2. Everything looks so good! I love that burnt orange wall in the family room and the rug umm yes luv it!!! ;) thd kids love it too! ;) enjoy your fourth!

  3. Love the red door! And all of the wall colors. Your kids look so excited, I bet it was hard to leave there. Last time we stopped by my husband nearly had to drag me out! :) So close now...I think we are both closing on the same day...the 13th. I hope your packing is going better than mine. I'm the worlds biggest procrastinator.

  4. I hate leaving! It almost feels like a dream! We close the 15th! We have been mostly packed since we moved out of our old house in march. We been living out of boxes for months! Lol! We just had to reorganize! I might beat you in the worlds biggest procrastinator! Thanks on the compliment on colors :) That was tough.... Can't wait to see everyones decorated in a few weeks! So many of us close in the next couple weeks! Yayyyy!

  5. Everything looks fantastic and we are so jealous of the colors!!! We have decided to hold off painting till after the 10 month inspection...