Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wow am I exhausted. Going to meet movers, unpacked everything from my momsall day yesterday! Blinds are hung, tvs in, went to bed at 1:00 up at 6:00 and slept horrible in new house! I do love it though. It doesn't feel like mine yet! Weird!


  1. Aw!! Moving is tiring hon. Try to get some more sleep! lol I'm sorry you're first night's sleep wasn't the best. Hopefully tonight will be better.

    I understand the not feeling like yours yet. I am quick to try and hang pictures and decorate so it always feels more like home. Otherwise, I feel like I'm on vacations somewhere. lol You'll get there.

    GL on packing! You wouldn't believe how excited I am for you and your family!!! CONGRATS!

  2. That is so exciting. Get some rest! I am so excited for you! It will feel like home soon enough!

  3. I agree with excited for you and your's been a long bumpy road. I know the moving and unpacking is necessary, but make sure you and hubby take time to enjoy your new of wine, candlelight, and some nice soft music...sit and take it all in!!!