Friday, July 15, 2011

o hang blinds and tvs.

o hang blinds and tvs. Then I have a banquet for kassi. I haven't seen het for 5 days. She is at horse camp...I miss her so much. Tomorrow will b


  1. Girl, I have NO idea what happened to your posts and why they are all broken up like this...but...none the less...


  2. The first night in our house we were too tired well I was and could not move the bed upstairs so we slept in the family room. Our blinds won't come till the end of this month so we didn't have any window coverings. I didn't sleep well that night. My head was filled with so many things that needed to be done. I know the feeling. It didn't start kicking in thinking the house is mine till everything was unpacked and all our family pics ere up on the wall. You will get the feeling that its yours soon enough. :)