Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No elevator :(

No elevator which caused a delay in breaking ground while waiting to find out! Was upset at first but realize everything happens for a reason so it wasn't mean to be! Finally broke ground Monday, so framing is estimated to start in 3 weeks..that's the fun part! We got our living room furniture ordered at levin this weekend. We got a brown leather sectional with 4 recliners, heated seats, massagers, and a built in cooler! Kids loved it! Can't post pics yet because I only have my iPad for now. On another note...kody got his second opinion from a more non aggressive surgeon and they feel we can wait this out and continue physical therapy 3 times a week, with gentle mobility. Then see if the hip stays in place and reevaluate in a year. They do not think he can handle all of that pain again and think he needs a break :) By the way I am so Happy I found this site.. Love reading all of these blogs every day!!!


  1. So glad Kody doesn't have to go under sugery again! I'm glad things are looking well! Sorry about the elevator, like you said everything happens for a reason! Can't wait to see your groundbreaking and framing pics!

  2. Sad about the elevator...that would have been so awesome...but like you said, things happen for a reason.

    Sounds like good news for least he gets a breather.

  3. Never heard of a recliner that has a heater seat I did not even know they existed a cooler yes but a heated seat! How cool is that...

    I'm glad to hear kody will have a break my heart just melts for this kid for all this operation he has to go through. He is a tough little kid. Sorry about the elevator I know you were really betting on that but you are going to have a big beautiful house with soooo much room! :)

    Now the fun begins with the house building.

  4. Great news about Kody!! I'm so glad you got that second opinion. That's one brave little guy you got there!

    Sorry about the elevator. =( But I am happy to hear about the ground breaking.

    As for the pics...WOMAN!! GET TO A COMPUTER! lol I can't wait to see them! =)

    I'm like you. I LOVE reading all the blogs!! =)

  5. I was just gonna ask you yesterday about the elevator but said I'll wait until she posts...Sorry to hear about that...I know you were upset it delayed the groundbreaking as well...

    Congrats on making the furniture purchases...this is the most exciting part!! Shopping!! :)

    Enjoy your day girl...and im happy you enjoy blogging too!

  6. I wonder if you could do the elevator later?

    I'm glad that Kody doesn't have to go through another surgery again.

    That is one fancy sectional. I'm coming over to visit, lol.

  7. So happy that you are breaking ground! :) Sorry to hear about the elevator, but it's great that Kody doesn't have to go through another surgery!!
    Can't wait to see some pics of the house!!

  8. I'm glad you got a second opinion. I haven't been able to read all of your blogs but from what I have read Kody has been through a lot and he needs a good rest.

    Sorry on the elevator. You will be breaking ground a few days before me so it will be exciting to to watch your progress.